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Graduation Interview

Graduation Interview published on No Comments on Graduation Interview

Note from The Future: No link here to Emeralds, because as of 2018 I still haven’t been paid for the art of issue 1 (and don’t hold your breath on any other issues existing). Instead, check out the published volumes of But I’m A Cat Person, which have much better artwork anyway.

Jon: So, Miss Ptah…now that you have a college degree…

And now that your webcomic is coming up on its seventh year, with no interruptions except the ones every other month when ComicGenesis’ servers go kersplat…(That’s a technical term, by the way.)

And now that the first issue of the print comic you illustrated, Emeralds: Hearts in Oz, is available for purchase…

What do you plan to do next?

Erin: I’m going to Disney World!

No, seriously. Big family vacation. We’ve been planning it for a year.

Jon: Ah! So with all that advance notice, you must be way ahead on daily strips, right?

Erin: …Right. Let’s go with that.

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