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Getting Sick of Fangirls 24/69

Getting Sick of Fangirls 24/69 published on 1 Comment on Getting Sick of Fangirls 24/69

Fans: Well, I think you’re right. I like the real Schrö. / Me too! / And he’s cute, either way! / That’s right! / I want the real one back! / Where is he?

Where he is:

Rip: Shhh, Schrö. Come on. This isn’t like you.

Schrödinger: I know, Rip! That’s what scares me!

Sometimes I almost don’t recognize myself!

1 Comment

Xuanwu on Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:22 pm

Uh oh. We might find out what happens if Schroe collapses the waveform the other way. Though, if the fangirls all recognize Schroe’s identity, could they keep him from winking out of existence? Fangirls vs. Physics!

Atticusblackwolf on Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:32 am

I’m betting that they will remind him of who he is.

Winged Knight on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:26 am

Hmm. So it seems that Rip’s hugging Schroe to her bosom is keeping her from winking out of existence right now. Hug her more Rip! Hug her for her life depends on it!

… What? I know correlation does not imply causation, but that’s my theory up there and I’m sticking to it.

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