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Birthday Bash 63/85

Birthday Bash 63/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 63/85

Marian: This is so weird, though…Laura said you had some superpowered nosferatu working for you!

Integra: The Hellsing organization employs soldiers. Talented, efficient, human soldiers.

Integra (thinking): So “Laura” is the brains here…

Integra: But I wouldn’t waste their time on a sad she-freak like you.

Marian: Ooh, you get mean under pressure! You’re not even scared! So cool!

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by Xuanwu on Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:59 pm

I like how Marian’s pondering what to do next. Darn it, girl, don’t you know this is when you’re supposed to kiss the heroine and ride off with her into the sunset?

No, wait. Wrong genre.

Still, it’s cute.

by SailorPtah on Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:12 am

Thanks to the weird wonders of Gaelic, “baobhan sith” is pronounced “baa’van shee”. (You can hear how the English dub mistook that for “banshee”, and why fans sometimes refer to her as Bubbancy.)

vulpeslibertas wrote:
…and they should also buy Police Girl a floss-proof collar. This whole Walter gets hypnotized thing just keeps happening over and over.

Ah, but it only happened once in each timeline, so they don’t know about the others.

by Vulpeslibertas on Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:28 am

WHAT?! Wait, who was the last person to mess with the flux capacitor? 😀

by Xuanwu on Wed Aug 29, 2007 5:06 pm

The last one? Yomiko Readman. Before her, the evil Ijin clone of HG Wells. The resulting paradox and its fix reset the timeline of the Shineverse, wiping the TV series (almost) out of existence and instead setting it in the OVA world, which is why Seras’s top changed color and why Laura is back from being in Hell. (Note that several others, such as Helena, Set, and Incognito, are still dead despite this. The timeline didn’t repair itself tidily. Luke and Jan are also still dead since they died in the OVA continuity, too.)

So this whole storyline is a direct result of the temporal ramifications from Shine or Die. You could say Erin and I planned it this way (and you would not be wholly wrong, either). 😀

by SailorPtah on Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:58 am

Helena died earlier in this timeline, Set was never summoned out of Hell in the first place, and Incognito simply didn’t exist, to the delight of all.

Oh, yes, we totally planned it. *cough*

by Urahara on Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:26 pm

Marian is the awesomest nonexistant fangirl I’ve ever seen.

If Konata suddenly gains hypnotizing powers and uses them to get to Aya Hirano, though, then that might change. BUT UNTIL THEN, Marian = awesomest.

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