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Shine Public Service Announcements

Shine Public Service Announcements published on No Comments on Shine Public Service Announcements

Integra: Now, listen up, kids…don’t smoke. It’ll stunt your growth, it’ll put you at risk for cancer…

Seras: Um…Sir Integra…maybe you should put out the…

Integra: …so unless you happen to be in charge of a secret organization whose failure would mean the deaths of millions of people. What, police girl?

Seras: Eh…never mind?

Anderson: Remember, kids, safety first…

Never run with scissors or sharp objects. It’s dangerous! You could hurt somebody!

Walter: Brushing your teeth every day is key to good dental health.

And if you want teeth like mine when you’re over sixty, you have to floss, too.

Alucard: “Verb: It’s what you do.” That’s it? That’s my entire script?

Others: Is it an advertisement for something? / No phone number. / No “more information” website. / Is it a campaign to promote exercise? / Or maybe it’s about grammar.

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