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Christmas Karaoke: Mr. Scrooge

Christmas Karaoke: Mr. Scrooge published on No Comments on Christmas Karaoke: Mr. Scrooge

To the tune of “Mr. Scrooge” from The Muppet Christmas Carol, reworked lyrics by Flyboy.

The dark London night chills you,
Chills you to the bone!
And there’s nothing in nature that hardens your heart
Like centuries of being alone!

It fills you with deep hatred,
Makes your once loving heart hard!
And the worst of the worst,
The most hated and cursed!
Is the vampire Alucard!
Murders many,
Bane of humanity,
Is the vampire Alucard!

Oh there goes Mr. Murder
There goes Mr. Grim!
If you gave a prize for madness then
The winner would be him!

That No-Life Count loves darkness
Cause he thinks it gives him power!
If he became a flavor
You can bet that he’d be sour!

There goes the Warmonger,
There goes Mr. Bad
The undisputed master of
Making the Major glad!

He drinks the blood of innocents
Claiming he’s been ordered!
But when you murder the police
You’re going way overboard!

He must be so lonely,
He must be so sad!
He goes to extremes to convince us he’s bad!
He’s really a victim, of fear, and of pride!
Look close and there must be
A good heart inside!


There goes Mr. Killer
There goes Mr. Sneer!
He has no need for close allies
His actions make it clear!

Don’t see him as your savior,
Or you’ll wind up as his lunch!
Your blood he’ll suck like a milkshake
And make your bones go “CRUNCH!”

There goes Mr. Heartless,
There Goes Mr. Cruel!
He never helps, he only hurts,
He lets his hunger rule!

If being mean’s a way of life
You practice and rehearse,
Then his life was a living hell,
Cause he’s still getting worse!

Yes every day, in every way!
Alucard gets worse!

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