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And Shine Heaven Now & Forever

And Shine Heaven Now & Forever published on 1 Comment on And Shine Heaven Now & Forever

Note from The Future: On the original ComicGenesis site, this was followed by The Eagle of Hermes, interspersed with omake. On this site, EoH has been archived separately, so it’s all bonus material from here on out.

If we drawings have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended:
All these visions are but fanon
From a plethora of canons.
You may mix them at your leisure
To what form will give you pleasure–
Oh, and brag for having bingèd
All the archive, start to finish.
If this story’s loss is souring,
Let these words be reassuring:
As I am an honest Death,
In the years since its first breath
Comics have grown more, not fewer.
Hundreds vie for this one’s viewers.
So, good night, and have no sorrow.
(Plus, the spinoff starts tomorrow.)

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