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Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 15/23

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 15/23 published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 15/23

Q. Since the world has now ripped away the masquerade, does this mean mankind will finally start hunting the creatures that have treated them as prey for so long en masse, in any official capacity?

A. Things like Hellsing were official already — just secret. The main difference now is that their efforts (and budgets) will be up for public scrutiny. Unfortunately for poor Sir Penwood’s successor.

Integra: And I want laser-equipped helicopters, and a new fleet of tanks, and a rocket-powered pony.

Penwood Jr.: S-Sir Hellsing, the press will eat me alive when they see the cost…

Integra: Not my problem.

Q. Will ’99 destroy the backing many white-supremacist and neo-Nazi groups worldwide receive?

A. It puts a damper on them for a long time, at least. They’re awfully resilient; even public knowledge of the Holocaust hasn’t been enough to wipe them out. They’re like cockroaches that way.

Q. Are there pacifist/benign vampire sects hiding, and did any fight against Millennium?

Helena: We have no such “sects.” We are all individuals. Some of us would perhaps have joined the fight if we had noticed it. However, our lives work on a different scale than yours. A human conflict would have to go on for years before the average reclusive vampire noticed that it was happening.

Q. How many people are aware of the group that perpetuated the attack? How much of the details are made public?

A. The group’s name, its leaders, and their general methods all become public knowledge.

Q. Will vampires and humans ever be able to coexist?

A. I hope so!

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 14/23

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 14/23 published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 14/23

Q. Where are the Doctors in all this? We saw Ace and Sarah Jane, but how did the 1999 attack affect the young lives of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble? How many vampires and ghouls did Captain Jack Harkness get to take out in Cardiff?

A. Alpha Centauri.

This is a continuity where the Doctor rarely visits Earth, having chosen some other planet as his pet favorite. Ergo, Jack is not in 1990’s Cardiff, and the others live out their lives as extras (albeit quietly-heroic extras) in someone else’s canon.

Q. How many Millennium clones does Doc have in storage, ready to emerge and start the cycle over again?

Doc: D’oh! Should have thought of that!

Q. Did Hellsing ever find “the she”?

A. Nope. As in Hellsing proper, “the she” was destroyed in the battle.

Q. How many I-jin did Doc have left?

A. The plan from the beginning was to throw them all into the final battle, and so they did.

Although if you meet a strangely familiar-looking woman with no official history, running a bakery in Little Hangleton that opened right after the attacks…think nothing of it.

Mina Jane: What? I’m a perfectly ordinary human named Jane Smith, with absolutely no bread-based magical abilities. Biscuit?

World War Vignettes: Paris 5/5

World War Vignettes: Paris 5/5 published on 1 Comment on World War Vignettes: Paris 5/5

Cameos: Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko.

The last line, of course, is “Limited release complete.”

Atop the Arc de Triomphe.


Jigen: Lupin! Goemon! Catch!

Goemon: He missed the edge!

Lupin: Don’t worry, we’ll be up in a minute!

Goemon: Right! We have to save Jigen!

Lupin: That too!



Jigen: Ow. Thanks for the save.

Fujiko: No problem.

Diamonds may be my best friend…but blessed silver has to come in second.

And so:

Lupin: Jigen!

Jigen: Urgh. Hi, fellows. Could use a bandage, over here.

Lupin: Aw, did Fujiko leave already?

Jigen: Yeah. And she ran off with the gun. Surprise, surprise.

[Libération partielle achevée.]

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