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Moonlight Romancia 11/27

Moonlight Romancia 11/27 published on No Comments on Moonlight Romancia 11/27

Seras: Integra…? It’s going to be okay. You know that, right? We have the best defenses in the world. Even if Iscariot decides to move in, they won’t get far.

Integra: I know. I trust you. I was just…missing him, that’s all.

Seras: My Master…it’s not the same, but I miss him too.

The Rally to Restore Humanity 5/5

The Rally to Restore Humanity 5/5 published on No Comments on The Rally to Restore Humanity 5/5

As per Witch Hunter Robin, “witchcraft” refers not to magic done by just anyone, but to the abilities of humans born with those powers. (I shudder to think how the American religious right fed on the mainstream revelation that witches exist.)

The performers at the Rally were all let in on Stephen’s true nature ahead of time, although Bennett still gave the vampire a wide berth as he came out on stage to sing “America the Beautiful.”

As for Stephen…it’ll be some time before the dust settles, to reveal whether his new public image is an evil monstrous scapegoat or a Seras-Victoria-esque sexy immortal protector. One thing is for sure: no matter where he ends up, Jon will stay by his side.

Jon: Stephen Colbert poses no danger to any of you. He’s held in check, not by a stronger monster or witchcraft, but by the efforts of a couple of ordinary humans. With, let me assure you, the knowledge and approval of the Hellsing Organization.

If you want to know why I’m here, and what I want from you, I can only assure you of this: You have already given it to me. Your bravery and determination in being here, the goodwill you’ve been showing each other all day — your humanity was what I wanted.

Because the only way to defeat a monster is by staying human. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tony Bennett.

Stephen: BENNETT!

Jon: Down, Stephen.

The Rally to Restore Humanity 4/5

The Rally to Restore Humanity 4/5 published on No Comments on The Rally to Restore Humanity 4/5

Live on stage, a quarter of a million witnesses. No going back now.


Stephen: You’re cruel, Stewart.

I’m not allowed to drink. You know that.

Jon: Easy, Stephen. Let me finish my point.

You want to know why the human race has survived for so long? This is why! Because no matter what terrors lurk in the night, we are stronger. That was true when we thought all the monsters were metaphorical, and it’s no less true today.

We as a people can fight back the darkness. We can take control of our own fates. Humanity is stronger!

The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5

The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5 published on No Comments on The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5

This day has been pretty stressful for Stephen. The weather is clear and sunny, and he’s been outside for most of the afternoon.

Jon: Well? Are there any bloodsuckers in the crowd? What are you waiting for? Come at me!

Stephen: Are you sure about that, Jon?

You have to be scared. You’re only human. This could be your last chance to give in. Take back that declaration, bandage the cut, and spend the next couple of days hiding out in a garlic-lined bunker, just to be sure.

Jon: I’m not taking anything back, Stephen. I’m not letting Fear win. I want any vampires in this area to reveal themselves and get over here.

The Rally to Restore Humanity 2/5

The Rally to Restore Humanity 2/5 published on No Comments on The Rally to Restore Humanity 2/5

Note from The Future: I would like to apologize for using the “slice open your palm” trope. Don’t do that, folks. You’ll cut through tendons and might never be able to use the hand properly again.

Jon: But we live now in hard times, not end times.

We used to be able to grow out of believing in monsters. These days, we can’t take refuge in adulthood. The bogeymen really are out there. And yes, it’s scary. But the truth is that there have always been monsters. And we’re still here.

Each and every one of you has spent your whole life in a world with vampires. Each and every one of you has survived!

We’re allowing ourselves as a culture to be paralyzed with fear. As if you can’t step out your front door without getting bitten.

Well, here I am, not getting bitten. Even though I’m standing out here with no cover…and an open cut on my hand.

The Rally to Restore Humanity 1/5

The Rally to Restore Humanity 1/5 published on No Comments on The Rally to Restore Humanity 1/5

Washington D.C., 2010

National Mall

The Rally To Restore Humanity

  • And/Or Fear
  • Jon: This is not to suggest that times are not tough, or that we have nothing to fear. They are, and we do.

    Sketchbook Deep Dive

    Sketchbook Deep Dive published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook Deep Dive

    Favorite thief/detective pairings:
    Meimi-Asuka Jr. (Kaitou Saint Tail)
    Marron/Miyako (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
    D/Leon (Pet Shop of Horrors)
    Lupin/Zenigata (Lupin III)

    We’re going way deep in the archives today, folks. Some of this stuff has been languishing in a subfolder since 2004.

    Practical Jokes in the Hellsing Mansion
    or: Advantages of Not Showing Up in Mirrors

    SoulSaver777: What an original screenname.
    Sir Integral: Enrico Maxwell?
    SoulSaver777: That would be me.
    Sir Integral: I was aiming for recognizability when I created it, not originality.
    SoulSaver777: Sir Integral, I hate to break it to you, but:
    Sir Integral: What is it?
    SoulSaver777: You are not 1337.

    Tired Erin (thinking): Something tells me that recording Lupin III, instead of staying up to watch it…would be a good idea.
    Lupin: You know you want me.
    Fujiko: Shut up, Lupin.
    (you see, Lupin came on at 3:30 AM…)

    Now here’s a mystery for the ages: Why did my “Shine ideas” folder contain a text file with nothing but 127 words about the government and history of Belgium?

    Moonlight Romancia 10/27

    Moonlight Romancia 10/27 published on No Comments on Moonlight Romancia 10/27


    Seras: …

    Seras (thinking): Pip, don’t tease her. …Him. …Heinkel.

    Pip (thinking): Aw, Seras. You blow up a few interdimensional invaders, you earn the right to snark at smarmy fanatics.

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