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Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 8/23

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 8/23 published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 8/23

Cameos: Calvin, Hobbes, and Calvin’s very confused parents.

Q. Does Angel!Penwood hang out with Angel!Arthur & his wife, maybe play cards or some such…?

A. That they do…

Penwood: He’s just learning how to walk on his own. Look at him go!

Mom Hellsing: Your grandson is so cute!

Arthur: Yeah, yeah, the kid’s adorable. Can we get back to the game now? I was about to hit Uno!

Q. Do Calvin and Hobbes ever visit a certain pet shop again, maybe when they’re older?

A. No need. Unlike so many of D’s customers, Calvin and his parents aren’t about to recklessly break their contract.

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