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Otakon Recap 2011

Otakon Recap 2011 published on 1 Comment on Otakon Recap 2011

My parents, who live in the Baltimore area, like to come down to the convention center on Otakon weekend just to people-watch. This year, they decided to see it from the inside.

This involved getting badges from series they’d never heard of.

Mom: Madoka!
Dad: Tiger & Bunny!

Mom, ever the prepared tourist, enjoyed being “in the know.”

Mom: I’m going to walk around with a Hello Kitty, so people know I’m an Otakon person! Plus, it matches my shirt!

…at least, as compared to the average Baltimorean.

Erin: See, that’s Naruto.
Mom: …Is he from Dragon Ball?

The hotel menu was in full pandering mode, with random anime buzzwords tacked on the names of its usual dishes. (Pikachu Pizza, Naruto Hot Wings…) Dad got philosophical about it.

Dad: What would it take to get the chef to make an actual Pikachu pizza? [black olives, pepperoni]

As usual, I spent Friday as Integra, hellhound in tow. We don’t have the recognition we once did.

Congoer: Hetalia?
Erin: Hellsing.

The hellhound teamed up with a plush version of Cybele, the pink rabbit from But I’m A Cat Person. They had a rose for a while, then I donated it to a Tuxedo Mask.

It was my first con since finding out about Homestuck…

Erin: Have there always been so many trolls??

Cosplay roundup! Favorite battle: Galaxia vs. Axe Cop. Favorite team-up:

Eleventh Doctor: I use Old Spice now. Old Spice is cool.
Old Spice Guy: This fez is now diamonds.

Favorite shirt: Roll the Dice…It Builds Character. Favorite ironic costume:

Saw plenty of Alucards, and a few Serases, but no Integras (!!). A full complement of Madoka characters: all the puella magi, Godoka, QB, Junko, even Charlotte. And Rainbow Dash is apparently everyone’s favorite pony.

Rendezvoused with the parents at the Madoka screening. (Dad had picked up Super Saiyan Hair in the meantime.)

Erin: I may have to make you get me one of those hats.

We also met up Saturday at the (chaotic, as always) Make a Manga Tournament. (Poor Xuanwu.)

Mom won a prize. She is now the proud owner of a couple of Armitage DVDs. (I stayed out of the judging for this one.)

I spent enough of Saturday in the manga library that the staff got rather attached to the hellhound.

Erin (thinking, reading Her Majesty’s Dog): This main character could be BFFs with Patrick!

Sunday, I encountered some of the kind of Madoka fans that give the rest of us a bad name.

Panelist: And you know, Sailor Moon was always getting saved by Tuxedo Mask, while the girls in Madoka save themselves…

tl;dr Tuxedo Mask spends half the show kidnapped, brainwashed, or dead. He’s never a key player when fighting the seasonal Big Bads; he’s not powerful enough to be a threat against anything stronger than the day-to-day mooks. Even then, he’s only useful as a distraction. A Sailor Senshi always has to deliver the killing blow.

Sunday also saw a terse negotiation…

Mom: You expect us to continue supporting you, now that you live on your own?
Erin: No! I’m asking you to help support the artists at this convention that has brought you so much enjoyment!

Mom: Here. Go by yourself a Kyuubey hat.
Erin: Yay!

All the Kyuubey hats were sold out. Oh well…at least I have a mission for Otakon 2012!

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