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World War Vignettes: Paris 1/5

World War Vignettes: Paris 1/5 published on 1 Comment on World War Vignettes: Paris 1/5

Cameos: Arsène Lupin III and Inspector Zenigata.

These two are both citizens of Japan, thus why most of their dialogue is in Japanese. The French at the end: “Don’t worry, Inspector. I have the situation under control.”

Near a cafe in Paris, surrounded by ghouls…
Sped an epic car chase done by two old fools.


Zenigata (Japanese): Lupin!!! You have something to do with these zombies, I just know it!

Lupin: Not this time! I’m just here to steal some art. And baguettes! Can’t beat those Parisian baguettes.


Lupin: And there’s my ride!

Catch you later, Pops!

Zenigata: Get back here and let me arrest you!!

Madeline (thinking): Ne vous inquietez pas, M. Inspecteur. J’ai la situation en main.


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