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What’s Up, Doc?: Evangelion

What’s Up, Doc?: Evangelion published on 1 Comment on What’s Up, Doc?: Evangelion

Doc: Hang on, didn’t I just die back there…?

Schrödinger: Don’t worry, this is “What’s Up, Doc?” We can bring you back to answer questions!

Today’s question is from Shadow6116 and Bigkwell, who want to know what you think of Evangelion.

Doc: I’m a fan! So many excellent characters!

On the one hand, you have Asuka, who is of German descent and thus clearly of superior genetic stock. But Rei is a masterpiece of cloning technology, and her compliance to orders makes her an ideal test subject.

And who can forget Ritsuko, one of the chief mad scientists who helps it all run? I wouldn’t mind having her as my research partner!

Integra: I notice you haven’t mentioned any of the male characters.

Doc: Of course not! How many of them look good cosplayed by an attractive young woman?

Integra: More than you’d think.

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