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Eurekon! 15/25

Eurekon! 15/25 published on 1 Comment on Eurekon! 15/25

Happy Easter! See a higher-quality version of that last panel.

The poor Inner and Outer senshi. They keep trying to be the princess’ guardians, who take care of wiping out the bad guys while she relaxes, and it just never works out.

Animated .gif tomorrow.

Helios: Princess. This enemy isn’t like any of the others you’ve faced.

Your four guardians may be able to defeat him, but not easily. On the other hand, he is vulnerable to a particular sacred item in your possession. A single blow would be his downfall.

Usagi: You could have said something before! Which one is it?

Helios: …how many sacred items do you have?

Usagi: Just trust me — you’ll need to be specific.

Helios: All right.

It’s the Holy Grail.

Sett: Oh sssh–

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