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Triptych (Part II) 34/35

Triptych (Part II) 34/35 published on No Comments on Triptych (Part II) 34/35

Anderson (thinking): Don’t cry, child. Didn’t you become a vampire so you wouldn’t have to cry?

Don’t give that up now. Besides, it doesn’t suit you.

Go back to that proud, arrogant smile you do so well.

Anderson: Amen.

Triptych (Part II) 33/35

Triptych (Part II) 33/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 33/35

Alucard: Don’t give up! Giving up is what kills people!

Anderson (thinking): I see…I had it wrong all along.

It’s true, it doesn’t matter what form you take. You’re always the same underneath. Not a monster…

…but a child. One who became a monster because he was scared of the dark.

Triptych (Part II) 32/35

Triptych (Part II) 32/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 32/35

Anderson (thinking): Four limbs lost. Torso in pieces. Lungs bisected. Heart soon to fail. I couldn’t regenerate fast enough to fix that.

Didn’t think it would still hurt this much after I was dead…but I can’t still be alive…

Alucard: Come on! Regenerate! You can fight this!

Anderson (thinking): …because that would never happen in reality.

World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes

World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes published on No Comments on World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes

A sneak backstage peek at the half-finished version of last Sunday’s strip.

A behind-the-scenes look at how these strips work when they’re half-finished. (Or, alternatively, a way to get two days’ worth of comic out of a single strip.)

Figures have to be sketched in some detail to make the inking look good.

The strip is drawn on a single page, in two columns which are combined later.

I used to carry my sketchbook with me, sketching and inking things on the go and only scanning them when I got home. To make sure I didn’t lose track of the dialogue in the meantime, I would write it all in. These days, I do it all at home, so I only have to jot brief notes of dialogue.

lol, Freudian

With these long and narrow Sundays, I ink the main outline first, and work out the lines between panels as I draw in the figures.

The mini version of the logo gets shoved in wherever I can fit it.

Triptych (Part II) 30/35

Triptych (Part II) 30/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 30/35

Anderson: It’s called a Nail of Helena. (No relation.) It’s a relic salvaged from the Cross. And aye, I do mean that cross.

I could have used it on myself. Could have submitted myself to a power that passes understanding. But I’m a priest.

You? You’re unholy. And the Lord separates the sheep from the goats.

Congratulations. You’ve just been deus ex machina’d.

Triptych (Part II) 29/35

Triptych (Part II) 29/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 29/35

iJeeves: Your efforts to keep Church secrets are admirable, but futile. I can see, all too clearly…

…that your fourth-dimensional pocket holds something more potent than bayonets.

And in a few short moments I shall know what it is…

Triptych (Part II) 28/35

Triptych (Part II) 28/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 28/35

iJeeves: The unhinged regenerator reappears. It is always difficult to manipulate the psychology of a disturbed individual…

…but perhaps there will be something of interest here nonetheless.


Ah, I see.

Your sanity has been clinging to a few fragile anchors.

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