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A Long Flight to the Fight 1/30

A Long Flight to the Fight 1/30 published on 1 Comment on A Long Flight to the Fight 1/30

A fleet of helicopters, somewhere over Europe:


Heinkel: You’re really ready to talk about this now?

Timothy: I can’t help it…

Heinkel: Cue obligatory comic-time meta-joke.

Timothy: …I feel like I’ve been worrying about this for almost a year!

Chapter 7 Page 07

Chapter 7 Page 07 published on No Comments on Chapter 7 Page 07

Jon: Evening, Stephen. So…”Master”, eh?

Stephen: Hey! That slipped out. Completely by accident. Let’s never speak of it again.

Jon: All right, sir. What’s with the suit? Not that it doesn’t look sharp, but…

Stephen: It makes the white gloves look natural. When it’s not on the gloves, your sigil is kind of burned into the backs of my hands, so I need to cover them somehow.

Jon: I’m sorry…So, the show, How did it go?

Stephen: Could have been worse. Everyone’s pretty upset. I was going to order them all to shake it off and turn that grief and fear into show-producing adrenaline. But Bobby gave me some comforting memorial things to say, and that actually worked really well.

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