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Chapter 7 Page 04

Chapter 7 Page 04 published on No Comments on Chapter 7 Page 04

The Vatican.

Maccabee: Thank you for your report, Kim and Heinkel. I think we can let the matter rest for now.

Heinkel: Due respect, Father Maccabee…why?

Maccabee: Somehow, Heinkel, even when you call me “Father”…

…you make it sound like “kid.” As for Colbert — have you ever seen his file?

There’s a reason he never made it very far in Iscariot. He has a fanatic’s devotion and a way with guns, but no head for strategy. He’ll never be a formidable opponent to the Church. We may even be able to make use of him, once he’s forgiven us for trying to kill him.

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