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The Lost Storyline 18-21 [End]

The Lost Storyline 18-21 [End] published on 1 Comment on The Lost Storyline 18-21 [End]

Alucard: Your juice, Master.


Alucard: …

Integra: A’kad, y’know, there are times hwen y’should just come in th’ door.

Seras: I’ll just get this down to the laundry room…

Alucard: this is the only blanket I could find. Will it do?

Integra: Yes. I’m cold.

Alucard: Cold enough to sleep with the penguins?

Integra: Now y’re catchin’ on.


Integra (thinking): Now, make yourself scarce. I’m tired.

Alucard: Yes, Master.

Seras: the sun is rising, Master. Bedtime.

Alucard: In a moment.

Seras: Now, why can’t you two get along this well when you’re both awake?

Alucard: You’ll have to sort that out for yourself, Police Girl.

That evening:

Integra: I feel great!

Fever’s gone…

[34.2 C]

Integra (thinking): I do hope I haven’t missed too much…

I will never get sick again as long as I live.

[Limited release complete. See you next time!]

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