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Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 59/59

Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 59/59 published on 2 Comments on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 59/59

Man in Shadows: Your daughter was sent off to be a distraction for Alucard. In spite of her training — directly from me, and there is none better — her skills are still no match for his.

Even if she realizes this, she will not run away, Not because she is unintelligent, but because her loyalties run deep. Just like her father, prepared to betray his country for a girl he had never met.

It hardly seems sporting to hypnotize people like you. You are so easily manipulated already, with nothing more than a thorough study…

…of the psychology of the individual.

[Limited release complete. See you next time…]

Chapter 5 Page 13

Chapter 5 Page 13 published on No Comments on Chapter 5 Page 13

Seras: Hurt? Well…yes. But only at first. And after that, only your pride.

We can put you on a leash. Lock up your most dangerous powers, and place your fate in the hands of someone who can keep you under control.

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