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Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 50/59

Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 50/59 published on 1 Comment on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 50/59

Anatole is the chef employed by Bertie’s Aunt Dahlia at her country mansion, Brinkley Court. Children from London were evacuated to rural areas during Operation Pied Piper. Bertie wouldn’t have known about the unused morale-boosting propaganda slogan; he has sufficient British stiff-upper-lippedness to come up with the phrase on his own…and, while I’m on the subject, check out these timely userpics.


Walter: Sorry the food is so sparse. Speaking of food, how’s Anatole these days? Is he still managing to be an amazing chef under the rationing?

Bertie: I say, it’s funny you should ask…We’ve got nearly a dozen young evacuees up at Brinkley Court. Chasing them about all day, I find that by dinner I hardly notice what I’m eating.

That is, if the little savages haven’t pillaged the lot already!

Jeeves: I confess, I never imagined you handling children with such serenity.

Bertie: Well, one does what one must. Keep calm and carry on, what?

Chapter 5 Page 04

Chapter 5 Page 04 published on No Comments on Chapter 5 Page 04

These days, Seras is actually more comfortable and relaxed with her shadow-arm out. Squeezing it back into human-arm-shape feels like wrapping it in gauze and duct-taping it to her side.

Integra: Do you feel well enough to stand?

Jon: Uh…I could give it a shot.

Integra: Good. Seras. the IV.

Jon: Is it safe to take it out?

Seras: If you need it back, don’t worry. I’ll smell it long before you feel it.

Jon: Oh, good. Pants.

Integra: Now, Seras, if we could have some privacy…

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