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World War Vignettes: New York City 2/2

World War Vignettes: New York City 2/2 published on 1 Comment on World War Vignettes: New York City 2/2

No, he doesn’t die. But he’s not going to be exactly living for much longer, either.

Again, The Eagle of Hermes has the rest, up to the night when Iscariot finds out just what their former agent has become….

NYC, continued.

Dandy: Who — who are you?

Stephen: Senior correspondent for The Daily Show — freelance agent for the Vatican’s Section XIII — and Catholicon’s Pray Pray Revolution champion, 1986 through 1989 — Stephen Colbert, that’s who!

Dandy: Iscariot sent troops here? Or…have you gone rogue?

Stephen: Well…

Dandy: Oho! Your boss isn’t going to be happy about that.

Stephen: Yeah, well, when is Maxwell ever happy?

Dandy: In that case….



Stephen: Ah!

Dandy: …Let’s give him something to really be unhappy about.

Chapter 5 Page 02

Chapter 5 Page 02 published on No Comments on Chapter 5 Page 02

Integra: You’ll know more about the operations of your news media than I do, but this is the information currently in their hands.

A vampire attack was intercepted at 513 West 54th Street, better known as the studio of The Colbert Report. The area has been cleared, and several victims transferred to a secure facility, where recovery is expected.

There are two confirmed deaths. The vampire has been silenced. All of which ought to be internally consistent…

…no matter what on Earth we actually end up doing with you.

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