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Chapter 4 Page 14

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Stephen: W-who would you get to [gulp] control me?

Seras: Again…that’s all up to Sir Integra. Speaking of which…


Jon: …don’t know if anyone can be trusted with the power, quite frankly.

Integra: He’ll do.

Chapter 5 Page 13

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Seras: Hurt? Well…yes. But only at first. And after that, only your pride.

We can put you on a leash. Lock up your most dangerous powers, and place your fate in the hands of someone who can keep you under control.

Chapter 5 Page 12

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Seras: …

Mr. Colbert…The welfare of my country comes first. It has to.

But I’m not lying when I say I care about you. And you’re right. We could leave you here. But there would be a catch. For everyone’s safety — including yours. Will you be all right with that?

Stephen: What do you think? You’re not the only one with a Nation to take care of. …It won’t hurt, will it?

Chapter 5 Page 11

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Or did I just blow your mind?

Stephen: All of this is just a fancy ploy to get me to agree to leave the country with you! You still haven’t spilled my secret to the news. I could go right back to my job tomorrow, with nobody the wiser.

If you really cared about me, that’s what you would do. Set me up with a food supply in the city, and leave me here. That’s what I need, not any of this nonsense about “figuring out who I am.” I already know. I’m Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. That ought to be more than enough for anyone.

Seras: You realize you’d be clinging to denial?

Stephen: You realize “denial” is just an anagram for “nailed”?

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