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World War Vignettes: Washington DC 1/2

World War Vignettes: Washington DC 1/2 published on No Comments on World War Vignettes: Washington DC 1/2

Cameos: Susie and Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes), Ronald-Ann Smith (Bloom County), and…I have forgotten which comic(s) Candace and the other girl are from. If you recognize them, please comment!

The news report they’re watching is the same one as in this strip.

Washington, DC.

News: We’re getting no communication from inside the White House. Whereabouts of the Vice President remain unknown. At this time, members of the press are being barred from the scene. We’re going to play for you now some footage which appears to contain several gunshots.

Ronald-Ann: They’re never going to take us on a class trip ever again.

Candace: What if he’s dead?

???: Shhh,Candace.


Susie: C-coming!

Calvin: Susie! Are you in there?

Candace: Eeek! It’s the killer!

Susie: No, it’s just Calvin.

Ronald-Ann: Don’t let him in! I’m not decent!

Susie: What are you doing here? The teacher said we’re supposed to stay locked in our rooms!

Calvin: Yeah, I know.

And I know it’s stupid, going off to fight demons when I didn’t even bring my Spaceman Spiff gear–

Susie: Demons?

Calvin: –but someone’s gotta do it, so in case I don’t come back —


Susan: Calvin?! Calvin, you idiot, wait!!

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