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Chapter 3 Page 03

Chapter 3 Page 03 published on No Comments on Chapter 3 Page 03
  • Eagle Versus Incredibly Awesome Modified Blackbird

    (Top left)
    • “Way out” – from the original frontispiece (Volume 2, chapter 5) that this drawing was based on.
    • “P.B.+S.V.” – Pip Bernadette + Seras Victoria.

    (Top center)
    • Star of David – Jewish symbol.
    • Milk-carton drawing of Stephen Jr. the baby eagle who has gone missing several times.
    • “BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO” – code word from [link]
    • Arrow – from the original frontispiece, as are all the rest of the random arrows.
    • Black star – symbol of Sailor Moon villains, the Death Busters.
    • “MANILOW!!” – Barry Manilow; stole Stephen’s Emmy.
    • “FAIL BRITANNIA” – someone’s clever memetastic pun on Hail Britannia.
    • “green balloons” – ‘safeword’ cited by Rod Jetton.
    • Portrait of a very chiseled Stephen – Chuck Noblet, as drawn by Geoffrey Jellineck.

    (Top right)
    • “Crypt Keeper” – Stephen’s perennial nickname for Viacom exec Sumner Redstone.
    • Sigil – from Alucard’s gloves.

    (Center left)
    • “Scumbags” – catchword used by Rahm Emanuel.
    • “BAD WOLF” – phrase scattered across the Doctor Whoniverse, here modified by Stephen to say “bear!!” instead.
    • Black inverted crescent moon – symbol of SM villains, the Black Moon Family.
    • “TLENCH COAT” – a bit of Hirano’s Engrish, used in the original frontispiece and several others.
    • “A/7” – stencil version of the Alpha Squad 7 logo.
    • “RAAAAAIN!!” – Rain; stole Stephen’s Most Influential Person poll spot.
    • “” – does not actually exist, but cited on the show.

    (Center, shadow side)
    • The Geass symbol – from Code Geass.
    • The Hellsing sigil – obvious.
    • “COLBERT ’08” – Stephen’s Presidential campaign.
    • “Charlene, if you see this, call me!!” – just one more way of reaching out to Charlene.
    • Peace-sign-with-arrows-thing – from the original frontispiece.

    (Center, light side)
    • The Ohtori Academy rose – from Revolutionary Girl Utena.
    • “FOR A GOOD TIME CALL JERRI” – Jerri Blank, naturally.
    • Tic-tac-toe game – I wonder who was playing?
    • Eyeball – from the original frontispiece.
    • “SWEETNESS + STEPHEN” – Stephen’s life partner.
    • “IMPORTANT” – from the logo of Important Things With Demetri Martin.
    • “TEAM COCO” – Conan O’Brien FTW.
    • “clock work GiANT PANDA” – more classic Hirano’s Engrish.

    (Center right)
    • “CLUSTERF@#K” – one of TDS’ catchwords.
    • Phone box – the TARDIS.
    • “WRISTSTRONG” – Stephen’s wrist-health-awareness campaign.
    • Lion – as drawn by Demetri Martin.
    • “Judge Tubbs” – the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones.
    • Portrait by Stevie C. – as drawn by Stephen in honor of himself.

    (Bottom left)
    • Sketched figures – from Wally Wood’s “22 Panels That Always Work”. Can you find the panel in the last chapter that uses this layout?
    • Snoopy – Stephen’s pride and joy, being the only thing he can draw.
    • “TD$” – bling worn by Big Stew.

    (Bottom center, shadow side)
    • “Dancing Muchachos” – title of a popular Exit 57 sketch in which Stephen dances.
    • “SHAKE IT OFF” – mantra of Stephen’s, frequently addressed to himself.
    • “AND SHINE HEAVEN NOW” – [link]
    • The Dark Mark – from Harry Potter.
    • Scribble – my actualfax signature.
    • “HA HA! IN-JOKES.” – catchphrase of Phil Ken Sebben, Stephen’s character from Harvey Birdman.
    • The God Machine – That’s not a God Machine. THIS is a God Machine.

    (Bottom center, between Stephen’s feet)
    • You found Waldo!

    (Bottom center, light side)
    • “drill here, drill now” – pro-drilling-for-oil catchphrase, here turned into a bit of cheap innuendo by means of a well-placed arrow.
    • “let the eagle soar” – from the signature song of the Singing Senators.
    • Crosses – Christian symbols.
    • “RICKLES!!” – Don Rickles; also stole Stephen’s Emmy.
    • “TROUBLE READING THIS GRAFFITI? ASK YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT VAXAGHETTO” – yet another fine product from Prescott Pharmaceuticals.
    • “REPENT” – probably written by Iscariot.

    (Bottom right)
    • Portrait – an attempt at a Hirano-style Jon.
    • “LINE UP AND START SUCKING” – Jon enjoying himself a little too much.
    • “MOViTS!” – one of Stephen’s favorite obscure bands.
    • “Way Out” – uh-oh.

    Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 17/59

    Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 17/59 published on 1 Comment on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 17/59

    Walter: That’s it. I’m out of ideas. The only question now is…

    What would Jeeves do?

    Girlycard: Other than tell you to cut your hair?

    Walter: I’m growing it out. It’ll be long enough for a ponytail one of these days.

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