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Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 6/59

Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 6/59 published on 1 Comment on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 6/59

Kyle the Alucard fanboy joins the party.

Walter: Okay, seriously, either something over there is about to boil over, or…


Fanboy: He’s so awesome. How he can look like the most adorable bishie and still come of as bad ass. He can wear the a fuzzy white hat and still be cool. He can flirt with Walter and everyone says it is sexy!

Girlycard: Your heart is pounding, Angel of Death.

Walter: An unknown hostile just took you down! Yours would be racing too, if you had one!

Chapter 2 Page 08

Chapter 2 Page 08 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Page 08

Bobby: Plus, think about it — you’ve been in a state of borderline starvation for years. That would leave anyone feeling sluggish. Now, though? You’re full. Stuffed, in fact. (You’re welcome, by the way.)

Can’t you feel the untapped potential coursing through you? I can. It’s kinda giving me the shivers, to be honest.

Stephen: So, what am I supposed to do?

Bobby: Well, for starters, you can wake up! You could get a limb chopped off and grow it back in seconds! Stop letting a knock on the head get you down Focus those shapeshifting powers. Unbend that dent it made in your skull.

Then wake up!

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