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Chapter 1 Omake

Chapter 1 Omake published on No Comments on Chapter 1 Omake

Riffing on Wilmore-Oliver Investigates, a recurring Daily Show segment. The art style is the one Hirano uses for his end-of-volume omake. (And it’s not any less bizarre when he does it.)

Wilmore and Oliver INVESTIGATE

Larry Wilmore: So it turns out there’s been a vampire coming into the studio and biting our boss for years.
John Oliver: Years! And for some of those years, he was working in that same studio!
Larry: He was! So how come none of us ever noticed?

Jon: Stephen, please…be gentler this time?
Stephen: I’m trying, Jon. It’s not my fault you’re so delectable.
Jon: I know you’re enthusiastic, but if you could just go easier with the teeth–
Stephen: Mmmm~
Jon: –ah~! …ohhh.

Larry: Oh, right…
John: Because it sounded like that.

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