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Chapter 3 Page 02

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That’s a modified Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”, a design known in the Shineverse as the Incredibly Awesome Plane.

Stephen: Do you have to be such a buzzkill, Jon? We’ve destroyed our careers, our reputations, and our legacies, for the sake of this flight. We might as well enjoy it! Besides, who’s going to catch us at this speed?

Jon: Uh, Stephen?


Don’t look now…but I think that expensive-looking, missile-equipped plane is following us.

Chapter 3 Page 01

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An imaginary conversation between this Jon Stewart and the one from our own universe:

“So they keep coming back to ‘remember 9/11’…”

“Wait. What’s 9/11?”

“The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that killed almost three thousand people and have been embedded in our national consciousness ever since…you mean those didn’t happen in your universe? That’s fantastic!”

“Oh, wow. I’m so sorry to hear that…I never thought there could be a universe where our national security didn’t go on steroids after ’99.”

“Wait. What’s ’99?”

Stephen: Woohoo!!

Jon: You never told me you could do this!

Stephen: I didn’t know!

Here, let me get that for you.

Jon: I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Stephen: Oh, lighten up and enjoy the ride!

Jon: It’s not that easy! Stephen, you are very conspicuous right now! And flying over New York City. No matter what the conservative punditocracy likes to claim, nobody here has forgotten ’99!

Chapter 2 Omake

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Sweetness: Ohohoho! I am the spirit of your revolver, Sweetness! I’m here to cheer you on, so ask me anything you like!

Stephen: Then, Sweetness, there’s just one thing I want to know…My life is made up of disaster after disaster. Is there anything I can do to stop my fate from being so unhappy:

Sweetness: Yes…

Kill the audience.

Stephen: S-Sweetness…those people are our friends…

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