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Chapter 1 Page 11 published on No Comments on Chapter 1 Page 11

Other trinkets in that drawer include the things Stephen eagerly prepared for Papa Bear’s visit in the 200th episode (January 17, 2007).

Jon: There, see? It’s gone. Is that better?

Stephen: What do you mean, “better”? Once ninja-nun-girl wakes up and gets out of here, I’m done for! Unless you want to keep her tied up for the rest of her life?

Jon: Can’t you do some kind of hypnotism mojo on her?
Stephen: Since when can I do that?
Jon: I don’t know! It worked for Dracula!

Stephen: Well, gee, Jon, is Dracula here right now? No! Dracula died in London in ’99. All you’ve got is me!
Jon: Wait. You mean there really was a–?

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