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Chapter 1 Page 15

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Hellsing readers will recognize Heinkel’s wound as one sustained on the front lines in ’99.

Jon: What did you go and do that for?!
Heinkel: He’ll be fine. It would take far more than that to do any real damage.
Jon: That’s not the point! You had him under control — all tied up with those holy ropes of yours. He wasn’t a threat!

Heinkel: …Sir, have you missed the fact that half of my face is torn off?

His kind is always a threat.

An Eye For An Eye 48/54

An Eye For An Eye 48/54 published on 1 Comment on An Eye For An Eye 48/54

Seras: But how…?

Pip: I guess being dead has its perks. Speaking of which…

The vampire who killed me — she’ll slaughter everyone else if you don’t get out there and stop her. You have to break her spell. And then you have to stop holding back. Fight her! Give it everything you’ve got!

Seras: You’ll still love me if I do? You won’t decide I’m a monster?

Pip: Seras, chérie…I will love you more than ever if you stab her in the eye with her own damn scythe.

Chapter 1 Page 14

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The ropes have blessed silver thread woven into them, so Stephen can’t break them. Jon just gets his hands tied, because Jon is not fast enough to dodge a bullet.

Stephen: This is not how I imagined it would feel to have a woman tie me up.
Jon: You’ve never imagined a woman tying you up, Stephen.

Stephen: I might have! You don’t know!
Heinkel: Sister? Knock him out.
Jon: What?!–

An Eye For An Eye 47/54

An Eye For An Eye 47/54 published on 1 Comment on An Eye For An Eye 47/54

Seras: So that’s her. I couldn’t remember what happened. I locked it away and tried to move on. But I never got rid of that scared little girl. Even when I became a police officer, she was still there.

Crying for attention. Convinced I could never be loved…until I believed it myself. But here you are, holding her like it doesn’t matter, proving both of us wrong…

…hey, you got your eye back!

Pip: Isn’t it neat? I just hope it doesn’t take away from my rugged bad-boy charms.

Chapter 1 Page 13

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Heinkel: Shut up, Sister Kim. You were told not to go running in before–
Kim: It’s a code I.F.H., boss.

Heinkel: You’re sure?
Kim: Positive.

Jon: …Is that good?
Heinkel: …

Jon: WHOA! Not good! Not good!
Heinkel: Vampire.

You untie Sister Kim and allow her to restrain you, and this man lives, Understood?

Chapter 1 Page 12

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Yeah, I know the bandages aren’t obeying any known laws of physics. Heinkel, like Anderson, is fourth-dimensional.

Heinkel: Stand aside, human. You don’t want to ruin your nice suit.
Stephen: JON!!

Jon: H-hey! Listen, sir…uh, ma’am?…it’s not what you think! Don’t shoot! Can’t we talk about this?

Heinkel: …I see. You’re under his thrall. DOn’t worry. You’ll be freed of it shortly.
Jon: No! That’s not–

Kim: H-Heinkel…

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