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Luke and Jan vs. GoodSearch

Luke and Jan vs. GoodSearch published on 1 Comment on Luke and Jan vs. GoodSearch

Luke: Hello, folks. Luke and Jan Valentine here, back from the dead again to introduce–

Jan: What the bleep? Are we doing another bleeping charity promotion?

Luke: Sort of. We’re here to tell these charming readers about GoodSearch.

Jan: What the bleep is GoodSearch?

Luke: I’m glad you asked! You see, every time you search the Internet with GoodSearch (instead of, say, Google), a small amount of money gets donated to the charity of your choice. For instance, in the light of recent disasters, Doctors Without Borders needs all the support it can get.

Jan: Why the bleep should I care about them?

Luke: Or, to support your local vampires, you might choose the Red Cross.

Jan: Hey, that actually sounds pretty bleeping awesome…Wait. Am I playing into your bleeping script, here?

Luke: Almost perfectly.

Jan: Oh, bleep you.

Luke: I love you too, little brother.

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