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All Your Base 1/39

All Your Base 1/39 published on 1 Comment on All Your Base 1/39

Officials: General!! What’s going on?

Communications from the central government information regulation headquarters have been interrupted…We can’t contact them…

We can’t get in contact with the London BTN! All phone lines in a large radius around the main building are down!

Army bases in Kings, Greenwich, Bath, and Chester are cut off as well!! / What!! / Communications cut off from the ARC Air Force base!! Dorsetshire and Southpool ABs are the same.

We’re cut off from the Forte Creste warship on the Thames!! No contact with any of the police cordons!! / Communications have been cut with the Atlantic Navy HQ as well!! We can’t reach the intelligence bureau at the National Defense HQ!!

Penwood: Impossible…has a war started?!

Integra: Stretching your artistic limits today, I see.

Erin: Eheh…The only panels I’m interested in redrawing are the ones that involve you being awesome!

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