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Timothy vs. Gender

Timothy vs. Gender published on 1 Comment on Timothy vs. Gender

Timothy: Hey, Heinkel? Remember that thing you said we were never going to talk about again?

Heinkel: Yes. And I meant what I said.

Timothy: Well, what if I was the only one talking? And you just listened? Could you do that?

Heinkel: …Make it quick.

Timothy: Okay, well, you were born neither male nor female, right? And so you kind of had to figure out your gender on your own, right? But, see, I was definitely born in a male body, and I’ve always felt awkward but I figured everyone felt like that, but then I got possessed by this female spirit last year and for the first time in my life I felt right, but then I tried thinking of myself as a girl and that still felt awkward, so I’m very very confused and…

Enrico: Guess what? There’s an enemy force moving in on England! And I just got promoted to Archbishop!

To the Popemobile helicopters!

Timothy: …


Heinkel: Come on. We can talk on the plane.

Timothy: Heart-to-heart conversations shouldn’t end in death!!

Act 15 Page 9

Act 15 Page 9 published on No Comments on Act 15 Page 9

Brenner: You see that I’m standing out here in the sun. It’s not fatal; it isn’t even painful. But I hate it. Because I am a vampire. A powerful one, but still bound by the limits of my kind. I change shape into a human when it suits my purposes.

Do you recognize me yet?

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