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What Is It Good For 25/25

What Is It Good For 25/25 published on No Comments on What Is It Good For 25/25

Pip: What do you mean, “missing”?

Seras: Just what I said. I can’t hear him, and neither can Sir Integra. One of our aircraft carriers is dead in the water. The Round Table is being alerted — we’re talking about possible war.

Pip: Hey, that reminds me — I had this dream…

Seras: Pip, this is serious! I’ll listen to your story later!

[To Be Continued…]

Act 12 Page 11

Act 12 Page 11 published on No Comments on Act 12 Page 11

Integra (thinking): Who’s talking in there?


Walter: …so then he says, “That’s no flesh-eating monster, that’s my wife!”

[HA!] [snicker]

Walter: Ah, Integra! Won’t you come join us?

Kim: you never said Walter made such yummy smoothies, Integra!

Integra: Do you know everything now, Walter?

Walter: Everything I hadn’t guessed already.

Integra: Is Kim’s smoothie…?

Walter: It’s what you told Gareth to bring home. I thought it best not to tell her the particulars, though, after Seras’ reaction to the idea of blood.

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