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What Is It Good For 15/25

What Is It Good For 15/25 published on No Comments on What Is It Good For 15/25

The current flashback is adapted from chapters 2 and 3 of Coyote, available on the scans page. It’s not an official part of the Hellsing manga continuity, but you’ll notice that some of the characters look very familiar. Be warned that it’s an early Hirano work, which means it contains (a) hentai and (b) bad art.

Grandpa Pip: “Bleh. I’m flat broke…not even enough money to get drunk properly.

“And I can’t find a job…The Germans rule this town, and who wants to fight against such a powerful army? There’s not enough money in the world…”
Off-Panel Voice: “Excuse me!

“Would you be kind enough to buy me, please?”

The year: 1942.

Grandpa Pip (thinking): Pouah. Je suis à sec…même pas assez d’argent pour m’envirer décemment.

The place: Nazi occupied France.

Grandpa Pip (thinking): Et je ne peux pas trouver un travail…Les allemands dominent cette ville, et qui veut lutter contre une armée si pusisante? Il n’y a pas assez d’argent sur le monde…

Natalie: Excusez-moi!

Auriez-vous la bonté de m’acheter, s’il vous plait?

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