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Act 11 Page 16

Act 11 Page 16 published on No Comments on Act 11 Page 16

Integra: Yes, Walter?

Integra (thinking): Seras and Kim are out of the way…thank god for small mercies.

Walter:You’ve come out of your room.

Integra: Yes.

Walter:Sorry to state the obvious; I”m just relieved. You’ve…grown.

Integra: Yes.

Walter:You’ve grown a lot. How did this happen?

Integra: Honestly? I don’t know…

Walter:Ah! That’s all right, then!

Integra: Eh?

Integra (thinking): He’s taking this well…has he seen something like it happen before?

Walter:Only one problem.

Integra: What’s that?

Walter:We need to get you all new suits now! You won’t look imposing with three inches of wrist showing!

Integra (thinking): Ah, Walter…

[Act XI – End]

Making Strides – Hey, Susie

Making Strides – Hey, Susie published on No Comments on Making Strides – Hey, Susie

Replacing the FAQ for the now-complete Making Strides fundraiser. This comic about teen Calvin and Susie was drawn for one of the donors. Also on DA.

Susie: One, two…one, two…
Keep it up, Derkins! Just remember your goal…perfect bikini body, perfect bikini–

Calvin: Hey, Susie!

Wanna lick? Heh heh heh….

Susie: Grr…

Hobbes: Well, was it worth it?

Calvin: Yeah, I’d say so.

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