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Act 11 Page 14

Act 11 Page 14 published on No Comments on Act 11 Page 14

Integra: Wait! If you need more power…

I could have more routed down here! You just have to hold on…don’t…


Integra (thinking): I know you weren’t my father, just a recording, but…it still feels like I’ve lost you all over…

Walter (thinking): So…that racket was Integra breaking the seal. I don’t need to worry, then.

What Is It Good For 14/25

What Is It Good For 14/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 14/25

War: Ohhh…you have no idea how this works, do you, soldier? Load up another flashback! This is going to be fun.

No, no…farther back!

Now we’re talking.

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