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Act 10 Page 2

Act 10 Page 2 published on No Comments on Act 10 Page 2

Integra: EEEEEK!!


Integra (thinking): A dream…

Walter: I’m sorry, but Integra’s not feeling well at the moment.

How did you get past the guard, anyway?

Alex: I beat him up. Your house wouldn’t last a minute against a direct vampire assault, you know that?

Pip: Sorry for the bluntness, but we do need to see Integra.

Seras: Please, it’s been two days…

Pip: She hasn’t been coming to schcool, and it’s not because she’s sick. It’s what happened the night before.

Walter: Then you know what happened? Why she’s shut herself in her room?

Alex: We know, and we need to talk to her. Now.

Kim: chill, Alex…

Alex: Kim, don’t talk.

Walter: All right.

The Eagle Has Landed 15/45

The Eagle Has Landed 15/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 15/45

Integra: You know this is a trap. The ocean is like the pit of Hell for vampires. You can barely stand to cross it.

Alucard: I have been on boats before, Master. All you need to worry about is getting me on the deck. Which should be easy, if you use…

…the deus ex machina.

Integra: The Incredibly Awesome Plane is not a deus ex machina.

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