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Act 9 Page 11

Act 9 Page 11 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 11

[he he he HA HA HA HA]

Incognito: I’ll be back on the full moon for the summoning. Goodbye, Sailor Knights!


Integra (thinking): That much silver…if it hits the Masked Vampire, it should be fatal…!

The Eagle Has Landed 10/45

The Eagle Has Landed 10/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 10/45

Integra: This is obviously the work of vampires. The one with the parasol and the musket, and the one who uses paper–

Joker: Ah, ah, ah!

“To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

Integra: What are you trying to say, Joker?

Joker: I’m saying perhaps we should have called on the witch hunters after all.

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