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Act 9 Page 7

Act 9 Page 7 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 7

Knights: Alunacard! Alutimis!! …Which one of them is which?

Alu: Sailor Knights! this is the Enemy! You’re not ready for this!

Alu: Get out of here, now!

Integra: Sorry, we can’t do that. Not now. We’ve come too far.

Incognito: Is that so?

After the way you dealt so splendidly with my “freaks,” I was a bit worried. But now that I see you face to face…I’m glad I came to this island. There are no challenges for me here! I’ll get you out of the way long before the summoning!

The Eagle Has Landed 6/45

The Eagle Has Landed 6/45 published on No Comments on The Eagle Has Landed 6/45

Integra: A book? That’s why you’ve brought Joker here. You think it’s his former subordinate. Yomiko Readman.

Penwood: We have satellite photos. See for yourself. And since Hellsing is the only branch left of Her Majesty’s armed forces that can take on a paper user…

Integra: That parasol…! You’re right about one thing, Sir Penwood. This is far out of the Navy’s league.

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