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Act 9 Page 4

Act 9 Page 4 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 4

Seras: Our transformation crosses are reacting too — do you see?

Integra: Yes. You think it’s the enemy?

Seras: I’m sure of it.

Integra: Did he cause the power failure as well?

Seras: Probably.

Alex: We shouldn’t be leaning so much on the instinct of a vampire…

Seras: But can’t you feel it too? Concentrate!

Alex: …Yes. I can.

The Tower of London! Something’s up there…!

Integra: Let’s transform! Hellsing Power…

Alex: Regenerator Power…

Pip: Human Power…

Kim: ghoul power…

Seras: Vampire Power…

The Eagle Has Landed 5/45

The Eagle Has Landed 5/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 5/45

Penwood: We’ve lost contact with the newly built Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. This was after it reported approach by a helicopter of unknown origin. We’ve tried to open communications several times, to no avail. It’s as if the ship has been abandoned.

Joker: But our latest intelligence indicates a single person on deck…reading a book.

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