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Act 9 Page 3

Act 9 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 3

Integra: A few. None with the masked vampire, if that’s what you mean. One with my father, and one with J. H. Brenner.

Pip: Dreaming about an older man, eh?

Integra: We were on a train with a llama, and we were making soup but we ran out of peaches.

Pip: Ah.

Integra: Don’t read too much into dreams.

[fzzt fzzt]

Pip: Uh-oh.

Alex: Did the whole neighborhood just lose power?

Integra: Maybe more…

Kim, Seras?

What are you doing out so early? People will see–

Seras: Something’s very wrong, Sir Integra! I can feel it!

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