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Act 9 Page 2

Act 9 Page 2 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 2

Walter: Integra? You’re up early…Want some tea?


Pip: Sorry I’m late…practice ran a little bit long.

Alex: The sun’s setting earlier now, too.

Integra: No vampire incidents all week, though.

Pip: Calm before a big storm?

Integra: That’s what I’m thinking.

Alex: Say, Integra…had any dreams lately?

The Eagle Has Landed 3/45

The Eagle Has Landed 3/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 3/45

The Japanese branch of SOLOMON, STN-J, is the group that employs noted witch hunter Robin. (This whole chapter, of course, is a chapter from Hellsing volume 5, modified from its original version and adapted to fit this strip.)

Penwood: Eight hours ago, we lost–

Soldiers: Admiral! This is a matter of national security!

This should be under the Navy’s jurisdiction. / First we bring in librarians, now witch hunters?

Integra: You’re thinking of Solomon. We’re the vampire hunters.

Soldier: Same difference!

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