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Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 20/21

Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 20/21 published on 1 Comment on Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 20/21

Major: Gentlemen, I desire an epic war. A war whose fury is built with iron and lighting and fire. A war that will leave not even ravens to pick clean the bones. A war that will draw every one of our enemies out of lurkdom. Gentlemen…what do you desire? What will make you flail as I do?

Bonus Act Page 9

Bonus Act Page 9 published on No Comments on Bonus Act Page 9

[The Hellsing mansion]

Walter: By the way, Integra…I have one more present for you.

Most members of the Royal Order of Protestant Knights get their portrait done at some point…and I got this out last week.

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