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Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 8/21

Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 8/21 published on No Comments on Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 8/21

Fan: You’re the best person in Millenium, in my opinion. I know Captain is really a giant wolf, Rip has magic bullets, Dok is a crazy scientist, Zorin’s got pointy boobs, Dandy is a paper user and Major is obsessed with war — but it’d be hard to do stuff without the kid who can phase through walls. ILOVEYOUSCHROOOOO~!!!

Schrödinger: Phooey.

Doc: Schrödinger, did you say you recognized these things?

Schrödinger: Of course! They’re fangirls and fanboys.

I have lots of them, for obvious reasons. Purr.

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