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Act 8 Page 1

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Integra (narration): The report has come in. Casualties…too many of them. And yet, the mission was a success.

Integra: I assume there will be a mass funeral?

Walter: Yes, sir. For the SAS troops as well as our own.

Integra: Find out the date. I’m going to be there. Dismissed.

Walter: One question, sir, if I may…

Integra: Go ahead.

Walter: What did you do?

A few minutes after you left, the onslaught dropped off, and the tables turned. Gareth put his troops on the offensive, and they suffered no more casualties and minimal injuries. Most of the freaks were found later, in a pile outside. How did that happen? Was it you?

Integra: I can’t tell you. I’m sorry…

Walter: No. Don’t ever apologize for something that you needed to do. And don’t hang your head like that. Show your pride. I know it’s not my place to tell you what to do, but…

Sixth Anniversary

Sixth Anniversary published on 1 Comment on Sixth Anniversary

And Shine Heaven Now celebrates 6 Years

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