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Act 7 Page 6

Act 7 Page 6 published on No Comments on Act 7 Page 6

Integra: Commander Gareth, report!

Gareth (radio): Sir Integra, we’ve found the SAS troops. We were right about vampires. They’ve all been killed.

But, sir…they’re not ghouls.

Integra: What?!

Gareth: They’re all freaks. Fifty-five vampire servants.

Integra: That’s bad.

Gareth: Very.

Integra (thinking): Something doesn’t feel right here…

Integra: Keep your men together — all eight divisions. And watch your backs.

Gareth: Yes, sir.

Integra (thinking): I hope the others get here soon…


Kim: can’t we…slow down…just a little?

Pip: Aren’t you supposed to have super-endurance or somethin’?

Kim: are we even sure this is the way integra said to go?

Pip: Well, pretty sure…

Alex: Look — that’s got to be it. Off to the left — the one with the tanks.

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