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Act 6 Page 8

Act 6 Page 8 published on 1 Comment on Act 6 Page 8

Pip: Everyone, get over here, quick! Alex has more than thirty thousandd points in Sailor V…and she’s still going!

Integra: We’ve got a bit of a surplus. Should we invest it, or is there an area that needs more funds?

Kim (thinking): this book is so boring. why can’t I just watch the movie?

Crowd: Dude, no way! / That’s so cool! / That’s brilliant! / She’s up to forty thousand points now! / That’s, like, impossible!

Let There Be Guns 40/48

Let There Be Guns 40/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 40/48

Integra: Hold the car for just a minute, Minnie.

Minnie: Sure thing.

Integra: We never did finish shopping…

Ann: Minnie’s a partner of ours. Leave an order with her.

And don’t make it an easy one! Th’ best thing for us after an attack like this is to get right back on our feet!

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