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Act 4 Page 7

Act 4 Page 7 published on 1 Comment on Act 4 Page 7

Guard: But — Miss Integra, you said —

Integra: That’s Sir Integra to you! And I said not to shoot or hurt! I never revoked your standing order not to let intruders in the house!

The three of us are going in. Hold your position, and keep any further visitors out!

Guard (thinking): “Three”?

Integra: And call someone down to repair the gate!

Alex: Nice place you have here.

Integra: Thanks.

Alex: How did Kim do that?

Integra: Let’s find her and ask.

Alunacard: She’s a ghoul.

Alex & Integra: Wh-what?

Alunacard: She’s been bitten and drained by a vampire. She’s become a ghoul — a walking corpse with great strength, but no mind. Like all ghouls, she’s moving under the will of that vampire.

Let There Be Guns 9/48

Let There Be Guns 9/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 9/48

Prynne comes to us from Mariah Kalar; the custom Colt is also by Tobias Kelle.

Seras (thinking): She handles all right, but I feel like there’s something missing…

.308 Winchester explosive silver bolt-action sniper rifle

Colt Single Action Army Modified
Three barrels, six shots, .45 long Colt caliber

Seras (thinking): Maybe it’s just that Pip hasn’t made a “size of that thing” joke back at me.

Alucard (flashback): You can always customize.

Seras (thinking): …actually, maybe it’s better if he doesn’t think about that.

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