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Act 4 Page 4

Act 4 Page 4 published on No Comments on Act 4 Page 4

Integra: Alex!

Alex: Hey, Integra! You’re on time!

Now, why aren’t you ever this punctual on school days?

Integra: I don’t get a lot of sleep.

It’s gray and windy…vampires love days like these.

So where’s Alunacard?

Alex: He’s not with you?

Integra: He’s keeping things from us. He’s telepathic, too, and only told me recently. What else isn’t he telling us?

Alex: Starting with where he is now.

Integra: Exactly.

Alex: Maybe he’s just been tripped over by another girl in a hurry.

Integra: Ha, ha. I never should’ve told you about that.

Let There Be Guns 6/48

Let There Be Guns 6/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 6/48

The Judge Deborah was designed by Haley; the Viper is from an RPG version of Integra, played by Cristina.

The Judge Deborah
Single-action, 9mm semi-automatic with silver-alloy hollow-point ammunition

Integra: Not bad.

Ann: If you see somethin’ you like, we’ll load it up an’ take it down to the gallery.

Pip: Oh, I see something I l–

–never mind.

Integra: No, really, Captain, finish that thought.

Viper .45
Heavily modified Colt handgun, .45 ACP caliber, silver bullets

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