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Act 4 Page 3

Act 4 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 4 Page 3

Brenner: I am not a trash can, pointy-hair!

Integra: Don’t waste my time today, creep! I’m in a hurry!

Brenner: And where could a carefree child be off to in such a hurry on a Saturday morning, pointy-hair?

Integra: I’m not a child! And don’t call me pointy-hair!


I may be young, but I’m certainly not “carefree.” Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t understand.

[walk walk walk]

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now published on No Comments on The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

Also on DA.

U.K. — British Library Special Ops
Government-sponsored. Bibliomaniacs. Fight literature-related crime, worldwide if necessary, when beneficial to their own interests. Employ paper users.

U.K. — Hellsing
Government-sponsored. Anglican. World’s best vampire hunters. Employ vampires as well.

Japan — STN-J
Local branch of Solomon. Witch hunters. Employ “craft users”, distinguished from “witches” by semantics.

Rome — Solomon
International, ancient order of witch hunters. Experiment on witches.

U.S.A. — Warbucks
Independent business. Arms dealers, advisers to political powerbrokers. World’s best weapon tech.

France — Holy League
Local branch of Iscariot. Sick of hearing jokes about French people surrendering.

Brazil — Millennium
(Refugees from Germany.)
Government-sponsored. Vampire researchers. Known to use vampires, I-jin, demons, and anything else they can get. Goal: war, war, and more war.

Vatican — Section XIII: Iscariot
Government-sponsored. Catholic. Hunters of supernatural creatures, heretics (here defined as “anybody not Catholic”), anyone who puts Catholics worldwide in danger. Use regenerators. Avowed fanatics.

China — Dokusensha
“Hermit Readers’ Guild.” Government-sponsored. Rivals to British Library for dominance in literary fields. Employ paper users. Known to use I-jin.

Japan — ???
Government-sponsored. War-era researchers into vampirism, etc. Defunct.

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