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Act 4 Page 3

Act 4 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 4 Page 3

Brenner: I am not a trash can, pointy-hair!

Integra: Don’t waste my time today, creep! I’m in a hurry!

Brenner: And where could a carefree child be off to in such a hurry on a Saturday morning, pointy-hair?

Integra: I’m not a child! And don’t call me pointy-hair!


I may be young, but I’m certainly not “carefree.” Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t understand.

[walk walk walk]

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now published on 1 Comment on The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

Also on DA.

U.K. — British Library Special Ops
Government-sponsored. Bibliomaniacs. Fight literature-related crime, worldwide if necessary, when beneficial to their own interests. Employ paper users.

U.K. — Hellsing
Government-sponsored. Anglican. World’s best vampire hunters. Employ vampires as well.

Japan — STN-J
Local branch of Solomon. Witch hunters. Employ “craft users”, distinguished from “witches” by semantics.

Rome — Solomon
International, ancient order of witch hunters. Experiment on witches.

U.S.A. — Warbucks
Independent business. Arms dealers, advisers to political powerbrokers. World’s best weapon tech.

France — Holy League
Local branch of Iscariot. Sick of hearing jokes about French people surrendering.

Brazil — Millennium
(Refugees from Germany.)
Government-sponsored. Vampire researchers. Known to use vampires, I-jin, demons, and anything else they can get. Goal: war, war, and more war.

Vatican — Section XIII: Iscariot
Government-sponsored. Catholic. Hunters of supernatural creatures, heretics (here defined as “anybody not Catholic”), anyone who puts Catholics worldwide in danger. Use regenerators. Avowed fanatics.

China — Dokusensha
“Hermit Readers’ Guild.” Government-sponsored. Rivals to British Library for dominance in literary fields. Employ paper users. Known to use I-jin.

Japan — ???
Government-sponsored. War-era researchers into vampirism, etc. Defunct.

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