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Bringing Nazi Back 9/11

Bringing Nazi Back 9/11 published on 1 Comment on Bringing Nazi Back 9/11

Enrico: But there were survivors from the German group. They escaped to South America, with plenty of funds and equipment.

We got all this information from one of our people this morning. And how do you think he knew?

Yumiko: How…?

Enrico: Because he helped them! The Nazis’ primary assistance in this came from the Vatican!

Act 3 Page 10

Act 3 Page 10 published on 1 Comment on Act 3 Page 10

Integra: Search and Destroy!


Kim (thinking): Nobody will ever believe this! Except…yes! My camera’s still on!

Alex: Got to catch him —

Argh! He’s too fast — he practically vanished!

Integra: I told you not to fight with him, Sailor Regenerator!

Alex: I just want some answers!

Integra: So do I. But right now…there’s a camera over in those bushes. Grab it, will you?

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